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19 Procedures

COVID procedures:

My clients health and safety (as well as that of my family) is my number one priority at this time. My husband, daughter and I are all fully vaccinated, and fully boostered. I follow the CDC Guidelines, and am constantly checking in with new information.

I will continue to single mask during outdoor shoots, and double mask during any indoor shoots.

Because my clients will not be masked for our sessions, and to ensure the safety of other clients, as well as the safety of my family, I ask that any person over 12 that I am photographing indoors be vaccinated. I also ask that we reschedule the shoot if anyone in the family has any symptoms of illness, has been in contact with a positive case, or has traveled within 2 weeks of our session.


I understand this is a sensitive matter, during a sensitive time. I will do everything in my power to make sure that I am providing a safe and healthy space for my clients.

healthy space for my clients.