hi! I'm Abby,

My journey with photography goes back 25 years, and starts...with the GAMEBOY CAMERA. What I wouldn't give to hold that piece of gold in my hand just one more time. My goodness, the absolute THRILL. From there I continued with the cheapest point and shoot I could afford and would bring it with me everywhere taking awful blurry photos that I claimed were "Artsy"- hey we all start somewhere right. My first actual education with photography started in a dark room in high school. From there I continued my passion into college where I studied not only the mechanics of photography, but the art of composition and style. I finished with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Marymount Manhattan College in 2010. I have also studied at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America Community where I continue to learn as the craft changes and expands. 


My passion for photography often branches out into different art projects and obsessions, but my professional work is rooted in genuine family moments. I am not a fly on the wall- but I try not to micromanage. I engage, I play, I sing and dance (not well) and I try to capture the true essence of your family exactly how you are. For me, photography is about connection, and that includes connection between subject and photographer. I want you to feel comfortable and I want you to feel like you are LIVING these memories, and forget that I am sneakily capturing them.


Booking with me will be interesting. The dad jokes will be heavy. I will fall at least once, but better me than you. You will all be deliriously happy after leaving me, and then fall effortlessly into your beds and sleep for five days. You will wake up to an emailed sneak peek, and you will cry, and then I will cry, and then in (3-4) weeks you will cry again when you receive your full gallery. The cycle then continues the following year when you hire me again. 

Outside of being a photographer, I am a wife to a pretty dope Scenic Painter, a mother to an equally dope little chick who has completely changed my perspective of the world, and an absolute Horror Freak. I love my VHS collection of 80s slashers, Fangoria Magazine, Stephen King, and anything else a little spooky. I love movies, music and am constantly inspired by the art of everyday life.

Abby E. Haight Sole Owner and Sole Operator of Love Haight Photography

All photos of Abby taken by Erica Schultz Photography