Keep it simple

There are many different ways to capture your newborn adventure. My approach is to capture what I like to call the "Newborn Bubble".

It's quiet, but loud. Anxious, but peaceful.

Organized Chaos.

I want to capture the true moments of this new adventure in the place where it all began. This is your babies first home, and the place where you became a parent for the first, second or eighth time.

This Time is special.

This Space is special.

And it only happens once.


Open all curtains, and shut off any artificial lights (yes ALL! so important for keeping the white balance).

Keep your home very warm.

Have any outfits or sentimental items you'd like to include handy.

Try to keep the family outfits simple and light. Avoid patterns and dark colors. Avoid Black.


I set up a small floor drop for individual baby portraits (see below for example). I bring a simple floor drop for these, but if you have a special blanket, a cool rug, couch, bed, etc. that's even better. I love making the home as present in these photos as possible, and the more we use the space the better. These are unposed. I will occasionally make adjustments, but nothing that requires a deeply sleeping baby. I generally start with these, but often will come back to them at the end depending on the baby. If baby is not comfy on the drop, or laying down at all, we capture baby in your arms (swoon)- the more connection between your family members, the better. Lifestyle Family Portraits are done throughout the home, chasing the light. This is a stress free session! We take breaks, we change it up, we find what works.