be YOU

For me, the experience of the photo session is JUST as important as the photos themselves. The only way to capture amazing memories is to first CREATE them. This is an adventure. Let's not set expectations, let's set standards. Let's not plan out poses. Let's connect with each other and let the poses create themselves. Let's plan to be open. To allow things to unfold. Let's play. Dance. Embrace. And trust that everything will be captured. Your family story starts with you, not with the IDEA of you.

Less Posing, 

More Connecting

Being in the moment and enjoying ourselves doesn't mean we shouldn't have some element of planning.

First off- we want everyone involved to be happy and healthy. Everyone napped, everyone fed, everyone dressed comfortably. 

If anyone is sick, please contact me to reschedule. 

Have snacks, toys, favorite songs, games, anything that will cheer up a child in a pinch if necessary available. Let me know how I can help ahead of time.

Focus less on posing, more on connection. Children pick up on our vibes, so let's not put too much pressure on the shoot. Again- HAVE FUN!

Lasting Memories

After our session I will provide a sneak peek within a few days of your session. 

Your full gallery will be available to you 3 weeks after your session. This is a password protected gallery where you can download all photos in your preferred resolution.